Mavic Air Beginner’s Guide Part 2 – Taking Off, Flight Tutorial, Gesture Control


This video covers all the basics for setting up your new Mavic Air before you head out to fly. Taking Off – 3:40 Flight Tutorial – 5:19 Gesture Control – 9:37 Check …


  1. Great beginner's guide, thank you! For me, having only an hour of previous drone flight experience (then with Mavic Pro), this was a great guide to get started with the Mavic Air. Now I'm looking forward to show my dad that I can control the drone with hand gestures! If that feature can make me amazed (it is pretty damn cool after all), I can't wait to see his reaction.

    I will definitely stay out of the sport mode for atleast a few more weeks, it looked scary. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Great tutorials, thank you! My mavic air is on the way, glad I ran into your vids. Question (newbie here), how do you set your home point way up so it doesnโ€™t hit obstacles on the return home please? I am sure I could find out with a bit of research but since you covered all of it, thought Iโ€™d be lazy and ask ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I'd like to add something that I couldn't find an answer to. Would it fly without the phone , just the controller, and I tried, yes it does. Sometimes I like to fly it without videoing , and just by sight without looking at a screen. works the same, and just use the home button if your in trouble, and the record and camera button to take a picture , but you won't know what it's going to look like until you download it.

  4. I very very rarely subscribe to anyone and rarer still for posting comments… I have to see this 2 part series has been incredibly helpful! Thank you so much for such clear and easy to follow steps! I look forward to watching more of your content.

  5. Hi Ed from Australia, just bought a mavic air fly more combo a couple of days ago and Iโ€™m setting up now . Your 2 part series has been th most informative on YouTube abt setting up its been a massive help I canโ€™t thank you enough cheers

  6. The most informative tutorial I've yet seen on the Mavic Air. Just purchased one yesterday and tried the tutorials from DJI (They suck). Your two videos have tremendously helped me both with setting up my drone for the first time, and going out to get the feel on its maiden flight. Thanks! I truly appreciate the time you spent on putting together these two videos.


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