Mavic Air Beginner’s Guide Part 1 – Setup, Updating Firmware, Calibrating


This video covers all the basics for setting up your new Mavic Air before you head out to fly. Charging – 3:21 Firmware Update – 8:21 DJI Go 4 App Setup – 10:45 …


  1. i have a note 9 with a glass screen protector on it. I tried to place it into the controller arms but it fucked up my screen protector. I guess i should find the polar pro mount.

  2. After buying the Mavic Air and dutifully watching over 20 how-to videos, yours has been one of the best, if not the best. Careful, thorough, slow and focused, it was extremely helpful to me, and I've got it ready to view again on my iPad as I head outdoors. No annoying music, sportscaster intonation, or gimmicks, thanks for that.

  3. Thank you very much for the calibration portion of the video! This has been the most helpful Mavic Air YouTube video out there! This has helped me with time, losing my mind, and getting directly to the point. You have helped more than you can possibly imagine! DJI does not have the capabilities to initiate any training for us Americans or English speaking types. Again, thank you so much!

  4. Do you not need to calibrate the 'vision sensors/obstacle avoidance' and 'the IMU' (not sure if these two things are the same thing?) before your first flight as well as the compass calibration ? I've seen loads of videos mentioning these things, but nothing going into what you have to do. I have no idea if they're necessary before my first flight, I noticed you didn't mention them?? 🙂

  5. im lookin to buy a mavic air, will buy most likely… im doin some research first obviously,…. ive literally watched probably a couple dozen vids on the mavic air, but you my friend have had the best vid yet.. well done.. i really appreciate it. no shit..

  6. At 13:57 we can notice how elegantly the wild RX100 on a pixie can jump within the tech-jungle.. the black on black coloring camouflages this specimen perfectly to make it difficult to notice in it's current habitat. It does not seem shy and has ventured very close to inspect, even admire the flying object. While still being careful as it's not knowing the drones intentions, it takes a step back to safer distance.. fascinating


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