Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom – Pictures and Specs of DJI’s new Mavics in Argos


Apols to those who have already read about this, but many won’t have. Some proper pictures and specifications of the new Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom, …


  1. ** As a few have noted, high end DSLRs have full frame sensors that are bigger than 1" **
    Assuming this isn't a smart marketing ruse, which model will you be going for? Mavic 2 Pro or the Mavic 2 Zoom?
    Cheers, Ian

  2. "High End DSLR Cameras" do NOT use 1" sensors. APS-C is used in almost all basic consumer to mid range DSLRs and offers a space much larger than 1" (even 4/3rds offers a noticeable larger sensor). A Nikon D850 for instance is a "High End DSLR Camera" and uses a full frame (equivalent to 35mm) sensor which is offers a MUCH larger area than 1". Keep up the good reviews but that sadly is an error that needs correcting!!

  3. I mean….. really? I think DJi is getting a worldwide publicity thanks to ALL those "accidental leakings" so.. no surprise they even use the Youtube Channels and of course the printed magazine of Argos to keep doing it… More cheaper and effective and quick that the event and with amazing powerful impact in the drone community…So, at this point… do we really have ALL those new features ? Well, I am using the Hasselblad cameras from long time ago and the Carl Zeiss lenses indeed, only thinking about flying my mavic with this outrageous high price camera and accesories makes my knees shakes… Ha ha ha ha

    Thanks for the update mister Ian (and hugs to Ted and all the whole family).. take care and keep flying…!! : ))))) LOL

  4. Many YouTube creators jumping on the bandwagon reporting on this Argos issue. As a subscriber of yours, I was pleased to see you hadn’t rushed a video together….but then this!

  5. love the sensor , not really excited by the range , why have a long range when you can't legally use it as you would not be able to physically see the drone as required by most regulations . i would probably consider this drone just for the sensor .

  6. Cheers !
    Let's wait and see – while DJI still is selling phantom 3 modells here or at least refurbished ones. They seem to have a pretty good endurance if they still can resell them.
    I recently added a long range antenna to my spark not being aware that the range I won is pretty unuseable cause battery has no reserve for flying 3500m and staying there cause rth sets in.

  7. Just a small correction; a 1 inch sensor isnt the same as used in high end DSLRs, its a lot smaller. It's the same size sensor used in "enthusiast" compact cameras such as the Sony RX100 and Canon G7Xmk2. Still a big sensor for a drone (same as the Phantom 4 Pro).

  8. Why zoom when I can fly closer, same as having a fixed prime, just move closer :0 Bigger sensor will allow me to actually go above iso 100, cause even at this the Mavic air is wank.

    Ps do hasselblad even make sensors, do they not use Sony?

  9. This has been the one I've been waiting for !! Glad I held out. Maybe way more than needed for a beginner but never the less it looks amazing. Will
    Be going for the pro2


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