Mavic 2 Pro || 10-Bit Color Is AMAZING!


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  1. Great explanation on difference between 8 bit and 10 bit color, and why it is important, and how to use it. You provide some of the best content available on Youtube, and I want to thank you for sharing it with us. And your video's are incredibly creative also. Cheers.

  2. I understand completely you point. I have seen the still photography market go from 25mg files to 80mg files and when you shoot in RAW and do post processing it is amazing what you can do to make landscape photos draw your attention to the subject. If you are coming out with a lut for the Mavic 2 I hope you will also make a course on color grading Mavic 2 video on Final Cut X. I would pay for that course. I also need to know how to transfer a lut into Final Cut X.

  3. Great video! Exactly what my thoughts were. People are so concerned about sharpness my god! I always graded 8 bit color, and ALWAYS felt restricted, I knew with 10 bit I would have more room to play with the shots, but boy it is better than what I was expecting! I can do so much without breaking the footage! Mavic 2 Pro is amazing!

  4. Great vid:) totally right on sharpness. Most folk I work with want sharpness turned down on my drones as they are generally sharper than normal ground cameras and you can always add it after. Even better thinking back to the mavic pro 1 where you had sharpness set at +1 and it could not be changed as artefacts came in and destroyed the footage. So nice to be able to change sharpness again. 10 bit is great:)

  5. Excellent video sir, especially for people like me that own a Mavic 2 pro. Thanks you. P.S. I am in too "day time long exposure photos" at the moment (using heavy stop ND filters), can you give us some tips for that ?

  6. I've had a Phantom 3 pro for over two years and just got the Mavic 2 pro, when you first turn it on the image is just wow, but there is a noticeable difference from Full FOV to cropped, the parrallax effect is so nice with the quality from cropped I decided to just use the cropped mode as I always film daylight, the 20mp photos in raw are just stunning. The Phantom is much nicer to fly hands down, though in the end the choice is simple, if you need rock solid or want to park and take the same shot everyone else does get the Phantom, if you travel or want to hike 6 km to somewhere that no other person has photographed get the mavic to put in your back pack with your other photography equipment. They are both wonderful machines and I can't wait to see what the future holds. As a side note Mavic blades are far sharper than P3P's, they draw blood quite easily.

  7. What i think people keep forgettig is that the human eye does not see sharpness, we see details, yes the m2p may look softer than other drones, but by far its the most pleasing image to look at with tons of detail 🙂 awsome video again, a joy to watch every time

  8. Hi Stuart. Thanks again for an enlightening and enjoyable seminar. I absolutely get what you're saying and I agree 100%. My main gripe with the M2P and what is hindering me from buying one is that almost all of the footage I've seen taken with it and shown on YouTube has an unacceptable colour cast and appears less attractive to my eye (even after grading) than the PP2, Mavic Air and even the original Mavic Pro, which I own. My iPhone seems to be able to produce stunning neutral yet punchy video and stills beautifully exposed and balanced straight out of a tiny camera. That's what I want from my M2P. I'm even being tempted to break the bank and get the Inspire because I crave superior quality as standard.


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