Marco Polo Drone Tracker Review


After experiencing a crash and a failed two hour search in deep snow for our mapper, we decided to research a drone tracking system. For our purposes, where …


  1. Whenever I fly my DJI I2 (will also do this when my M210 arrives), I strap on with Velcro my old iPhone 5S to the bird. If needed, I'll use Apple's "Find My Friends" App, which allows me to track the phone/bird with greater accuracy. Moreover, this approach allows me to call the iPhone, if needed. For me, this is the ideal solution and I'm not having to spend $220 for the Marco Polo tracker.

  2. Live in rural Florida and I used the Marco Polo with my phantoms and I must say it works fantastic. I lost one of my phantoms one early evening in some dense woods out behind my house. Thanks to the Marco Polo I found my bird despite the fact it was lodged some 75 feet up in a pine tree. As far as I'm concerned it paid for itself right there on the spot. Great product.

  3. Thanks for this review. I have been using the Marco Polo on my Alien 560 quadcopter for the past 9 months, but have not had to actually use it for rescue purposes as yet–knock on wood. My son and I bought two tracking modules, so he uses one on his racing drone and I use the other on mine. We share the base/tracker unit. The cost was $290 for the single base unit (the handheld tracking unit) and two transceiver modules. Considering that we each have about $1000 invested in our aircraft, the cost for the Marco Polo seemed like a "reasonable" price. My son has used the Marco Polo several times to help retrieve his racing drone from high grass and heavy brush areas.


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