Magic Speed X52 Drone First Look


Well this is my first drone. This is a first look at the Magic Speed X52. The Magic Speed X52 will be the drone I learn to fly with and I hope you join me in this …


  1. I am supper happy that you took the time to seek or to check out the truth.. I see you watch the FLAT EARTH study’s they had going on. I hope you keep finding the truth. Seem like a cool guy. But, I been trying to tell the RC Community that.. so

  2. drones are easy to fly man. collective pitch helicopter are tough to learn to fly though. I started off flying fixed win though so maybe thats why i think they are easy to the point of boring really. You should be able to figure it out pretty quick.

  3. Dude after all the rc videos. A random first time drone video 4 months ago. Storms in with almost 20k views to take the lead in your top videos. Mind blown. Lmao

  4. when you decide you want to upgrade to a professional style drone, get the dji mavic pro. It's awesome check out some of my videos of it. I recorded some atv stuff and the tekno mt410 and an outcast with it. I bought it as my first drone and it was easy to figure out and get used to. The app for it works better with a tablet then with a phone tho. It comes with remote but app is used to see the live stream and app has a nice edit software with it as well.


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