Low cost miniquad racing drone build video PART 5


Build your own low-cost racing miniquad using the ZMR250 frame and, in part 5 of this build-series, we install and configure the FPV equipment including the …


  1. Hi Bruce, Just found your most informative channel. Thank you so much for sharing your passion and knowledge! Just a comment, if you mount the vid TX on the other plate then your wiring gets easier and you can poke the switches through one of the holes. Cheers.

  2. Bruce……i just finished making one of these, thank you very much. ive put some triblades on and she seems a go-er. can i email you direct with some pics, and possibly pick ya grey matter a bit.
    cheers mate!

  3. hey! can we connect and set up the camera to any device?or do we have to use the same one you are doing?also,what is the longest distance the quad can go from the rc?


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