Low cost miniquad racing drone build video PART 1


In part 1 of the low-cost racing miniquad drone build video I look at the “bill of materials” needed to construct your own FPV racing mini quadcopter based on the …


  1. Love your vids here in whangaparoa , I have a tail to tell I brought the eachine wizard , fitted some 450 heli landing gear. ,then a 450 boom to the landing gear with a bright coloured tail sticking up , after 30 odd flights not even a crash with heli flying experience the eachine flys well for me , I have done it this way till I get the hang of it then will train with fpv , so for beginners the tail and landing gear is a good orientation and visual aid And the tail tells me when it's a couple of hundred mtrs away wich way it's flying , in Cambridge last week I had it very high to the point I could not tell wich way it was pointing , scary, but I played with it for a while , figured out where the tail was and returned all ok I mean I got carried away with altitude , so for a learning tool it's good many thanks keep vids coming thanks

  2. Hi Loved your videos.
    I would like to buy everything from bang good as there is no or very little shipping costs to Canada. they do not have the esc, props, camera or googles. can you let me know what would be the best substitutes for them?
    Again….great job

  3. Hi great video collection thanks, would you advise sticking to this list or is there better options available this far down the line or should i go for something like the Eachine Wizard X220

  4. I'm looking to get into racing quads a bit down the line, at the moment I'm looking at a very very basic carry friendly affordable drone, but my initial intention was for taking photos and videos but unfortunately the camera is god awful, but it's the price and easiness to just have in a pocket that keeps drawing me back to it, with fpv and altitude control or whatever it's called. My question is… since you seem to be really in the know, do you think it would be possible to replace the internal camera or attach a very low weight camera to it without affecting performance… If you have a look at the jjrc h37, it's called an elfie, maybe you could inform me, the only thing about attaching an external camera is that when it's in air I wouldn't be able to adjust the angle for videos or photos and it's for nature and mountain photography I'm looking for. Unless you can suggest something near to the price range that is portable if even not as much that may be better suited for that, that I could have it hovering in the spot for photos


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