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  1. Hey Mike do u know why the drone was discontinued? I really want to get one, it is the only good dual 18650 mod I can fined. But it being discontinued makes me concerned it may have issues.


  2. Hands down the worst squonking mod ive bought, was great at first then just stopped working, opened it up and juice had leaked into the pcb ruining it. Also noticed the 4 plastic bits holding the firing button one had broken off and caused the button to be semi loose with an annoying rattling sound when fired up. Considering the price of this mod its a fucking joke this can happen after a month and a half of usage! Be cautious if u get this!

  3. Another con it only comes with 1 bottle as well. after a while that bottle is going to wear out, when that happens then what you do you do? I guess buy another bottle if you can fine 1 that fits.

  4. Mike, while you are demonstrating how to squonk, juice is flowing all over the 510 pin. Is it safe.? Is it not going get a short when pressing the fire button with juice spills still on the 510 pin.?
    I just got my drone bf and a newbie on squonking

  5. I just bought the lost vape BF Squonker. But i dont want to run into those messy issue, so im looking to replace the original bottles and also add a super soft 30ml refil bottle. Can i do that (change the bottles) and where can i purchase a super soft refil bottle in the US

  6. I have a con Mike, the squonk bottle is way too hard. Mine did come with 3, but they are really no good once the bottle gets down to half full. I have to squeeze so hard that I leave fingernail marks on the bottle and I keep my nails cut. I tried boiling the bottle for 10 mins as I read that would help. Not enough. So now I am searching for silicone squonk bottles. Not happy about that but overall it's a great mod. I'm sure in a month they will ship with better bottles.

  7. Idk why you keep calling it a tube or a tank. Its a bottle dude. Is that really that difficult for you? Tube connects the BOTTLE to the 510. Not a tank, not a tube, a BOTTLE. It also holds more than a 30mm, it holds up to a 40mm tank.

  8. Well I think this is the squonker I will get to use with my icon. I going to pop my squonk cherry. I want to squonk Fagan too. Just ordered some of those nice coiling rods/jigs UK made ones you use. Nice review and stop unsubscribing me to your channel.

  9. just got mine today! my first DNA device. I installed escribe and accidently restored to default. battery level shows empty but was full before restore, how can I fix? please help I'm using 2 mxjo 3000mah 18650 batteries

  10. Hey Mike….I just got my Drone and I was really disappointed. Mine auto fires regardless of the RDA I put on it. Have you heard of this issue? I will probably return it since I can't fix or vape it.


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