Tech Tuesday look at the Triple Feed FPV patches. We look at the Farview patch and the Realacc version, and discuss why you should use a patch in your …


  1. You need to do a video on these patches if you can point them in two different directions on the diversity setup and see if you can get like super clear and all directions seeing as its diversity it would be able to pick up the areas of the weakest spot of the other one and maybe the polarisation would be overlapping in areas where one's week could you try that out curious

  2. UAVfutures I like and fly FarVew, including that patch, but the did not come up with the patch. Martrn Baerts did. It is open source and all brands can make and sell the design.

    And the original design actually has the four ears/tabs like on the RealAcc. Probably why it works better.

  3. I have one made by RJX which does not include a dummy load. I have some sma adapters laying around. Can I use one to make a dummy load? i'm assuming since this is a receiver, the resistance of the dummy load isn't important. So I should be able to close the loop on an sma adapter and that will serve that same purpose.

  4. They are both great antennas but I don't have enough money to care about brand price matters to me . thats just
    me. Thanks Stew and Trev. CHEERS
    I am not a happy camper right now I lost one of my race quads two days ago, but I am still searching the area Happy flying.

  5. Really surprised you guys are still using patches, a crosshair costs roughly the same Amt of money, has much better gain for better distance and penetration, much wider beam width and rejects multipathing much better

  6. Hey Stu I know there is a ton of new stuff out but you should do a shout out to BetaFlight and tell ppl to support their firmware like the do products. maybe show old vids with issues like prop wash and vibes I pitched the idea to JB but so many comments in all boxes. its a major part of the kwad most ppl just forget is so good and adding features every week we couldn't really fly without it. Maybe just a tech Tuesday or in any episode. keep up the great reviews and teaching

  7. Stew make a second video where you give credits to the real designer of this the maker of the pagodas and a collegeu of his. You are ruining you reputation big time. Like you haven't informed yourself at all. This has been around for some pretty long time and a big party of the community know about it. Make a second video it's disrespectful to the actual inventors


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