Litchi App 2018 Do you still need it?


Litchi App 2018 Only for DJI Aircraft. 2.4 version 13 June 2018 Great app for a back up to the DJI Go/DJI Go4 app and in some cases just flying with the Litchi …


  1. Nice review Shaun. Had the ap for a year. I fly over the lakes often and still leery of it flying waypoints lol. I prefer the controls to be in my hands. I have set a waypoint mission for my large favorite lake which I would lose signal on. Guess I have to try it over land first.

  2. I fly with the DJI Phantom 3 Standard only through Litchi FPV and Waypoint. The application works reliably both FPV and Waypoint. Litchi has many settings that make use of many Dron features. Soon I will buy Mavic Pro and I will still use Litchi. I apologize for any errors in the text (Google translation) .Mirek Czech Europe

  3. I have the Litchi app for awhile now but have only used it on one occasion. The dji Go app work ok for me and I haven't experienced any malfunctions with using it. Oh by the way. I Calibrate my drone at every new takeoff point., but that's just me. I took all that you said onboard Shaun and it's good advice. Cheers mate

  4. I used the DJI app 6 times more trouble than it was worth!! Litchi has never let me down! only one problem speech went off a couple of months back and I cannot get it to work againg tried reinstalling and all sort of things???? any advice would be appreciated. cheers Keith

  5. Thanks for your quick litchi overview Shaun.

    I don't have it at the moment, so I am looking forward to your more comprehensive litchi reviews and hands-on tests in the near future.

  6. Litchi is my 'Go to' app and DJI Go/4 is always secondary. Litchi has never let me down to date, works every time. Not tried it on my Mavic yet but it works flawlessly on the P3A. The only thing I would use the DJI app for is to get firmware updates.


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