Lily Camera Drone review (of the “hands-on demo videos”)


Here’s an overview of some of the various hands-on demonstration videos that have been posted on YouTube about the Lily Flying Camera. I have some …


  1. These predictions turned out to be true. On top of the initial funding of 15 mill dollars, 60.000 people paid 499 dollars and the entire project reached 45 million dollars in funding When the "backers" got an email saying the Lily project was shutting down, they offered everyone a full refund. As pr. october 2017, none of the 60.000 people have received their 500 dollars in refund.

  2. SCAM…….Yes seriously vote this down. If they are for sale then if they take the money then give them the product. If the product does not work then don`t sell them till all the gliches are out of the product. I don`t care what it is . If it is a banana with holes in it or a car that has no wheels on it . Give yourself a smack in the head if you want one so bad you will risk your money.Seems like by the time you get your SCAM drone it will be out dated by better capabilities. I know if you want good photo shots .Why not just get a 15 foot pole with a gimble and stick it up in the air . I`ll call it the Lewee cam. Send me your money but I`m sure the glitches in the 15 foot tec pole will have some glitches .So it may be a while before you get your Lewee cam. Haha.

  3. just watched this video after lily's shutdown announcement. You sir, is a true fortune teller! It amazes me that you were able to pinpoint the glaring issues with the drone almost 2 years ago! That earns a two thumbs up and a standing ovation from me. Bravo!

  4. The initial promo video was shot by DJI Inspire and they are being sued now for false advertisement. It took DJI years of development and iterations to achieve the current status and you won't expect a new start up to succeed out of nowhere 🙂

  5. Watching this video just after Lily has folded! This guy has seen through all the BS about this drone, well done! Too bad the fanboys disagreed judging by the amount of dislikes.

  6. News on the Lilly is that the company sent out an email saying it they are closing the company and offering refunds now.

    On a side note on your video and I know its a couple years old now but I'm sure image stabilizing was out then, using a bigger resolution and cropping it and stabling the image out digitally.

  7. Hey Scot,

    Thank you sincerely for this review. I was actually considering buying one of these and after watching your video I started digging myself and have basically found nothing except delay after delay after delay.

    I'm thinking fraud.


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