Lily Camera Drone Is Officially Cancelled-Refunds To Come


Thanks for a friend David Lee, he alerted me his refund from the Lily Camera Drone preorder is coming soon. Today the Lily community was alerted they would …


  1. biggest scam ever that money made interest and they know it people who gave them money should earn the interest aswell 34million in interest for 3 years!!!!!

  2. 1080P is awsome for a drone camera, everyone's thinking everything is 4K, no some of your best videos are shot in 1080, and not everyone has a 4K tv fella to watch 4K videos dog, 1080p which is what all our tv channels are in is still a great view! FYI don't buy products early before you don't know about software problems! Everyone who preordered got shark tanked!

  3. Shame, but as others have said, the Lily design has been pretty-much left behind by other Drones.
    Got my refund back a few months ago, got fed up with the steady stream of delays to the delivery date.


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