Liftoff FPV Drone Simulator | REVIEW


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  1. Why dont any of these simulators have any QAV. I have both the QAV-X and QAV-R and while i can find similar drones, those are just never there.

  2. Can someone please fight to have a game mode added to this Sim. Ive been playing for 6 months now, and want to do more than just race and free style. Add bloody DRONE QUIDDITCH for all i care, add a ball for us to knock around ROCKET LEAGUE style! Don't care, just want to do more then hone my skills so that i can hone my skills so that i can hone my skills, I want something fun to aim for, hone my skills so that I'm better at DRONE ESPORTS.

  3. how the FUCk do i get my pc to chat to my x lite. all keen and flashed ready to go excited to try some sims but cant even get the prick to work on pc why does everyone say its easy as shit. i dont want to buy a dongle i know you can do this without. why cant i

  4. I tried velocidrone and liftoff – velocidrone has the better physics and feels more like the real thing imho –
    liftoff has better UI and is overall the better looking game with forgiving physics
    velocidrone is a better simulator
    liftoff is the better game

  5. Thank You So much! You have no idea how much u saved me… I just finished building my Tyro79 and I almost went to buy the usb plug (from china.. so I would need to wait at least 2-3 weeks until it arrives!) so I can play and train acro on simulator.. Thanks again! Your channel is a lifesaver literally.

  6. I really like the sim, but the loading screens are still there almost a year later and there are several of them before you start flying. It would be nice if they could add a shortcut that takes you straight to the level and track you use most commonly with the quad you want without having to go through the selections each time.

  7. I have noticed that a bunch of videos that I go watch again don't have the like button clicked and I know I clicked it! You guys are getting ripped off by YouTube for sure!

  8. Can anyone help please? I want to run this with a Taranis QX7 on my iMac. What sort of lead do I need to get? As I don't have the Taranis QX7 yet any information is welcome. :O)


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