LFC#157 – DJI Spark Drone Repair – full strip and rebuild


This drone had a broken arm, so we did a full strip and re-shell into a replacement chassis. This is a blind-repair, I have very little knowledge about drones, but I …


  1. The Spark can be controlled from your smartphone via wifi. You need his passwoid. Also because of vibrations, DJI uses locktite on those engine screws as well as rubber caulk in areas. Very interesting video. Thank you. I hope you can afford one soon. Try bidding on Ebay. The new ones have come down in price but get the flymore package with the controller.
    You can't achieve the high speeds without the controller in sport mode with your Spark. There's so much the aircraft reports back to the drone pilot in the DJI ver 4 App for your smartphone. Plus, you can fly almost 2 miles away with the controller. The GPS is outstanding. Maximum legal height by the FAA in the USA for drones is 400 ft. Spark will fly back home with in inches if you set the home point
    If you want to see the quality of pictures this DJI spark takes check out my YouTube channel. I'm at max ceilings in a few of my vids over water I've only been flying for about 2 weeks. There's so much this Spark can do.

    Thanks again for this educational video.


  2. On quad copters motors diagonal from each other spin one way, and the other two spin the other way. If you want to compare the motor you're wiring to one you have not wired, I would look at the motor that spins the same way as the on you're working on.

  3. The front sensor is a lidar, the square on the detachable board next to the heat sink is a gps, the down ward sensors are also lidars and a camera. the down ward facing camera and lidar are for smooth landings and altitude setting.


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