Lesson for Flying a Drone with Video Camera Made Easy


Easy “how to” lesson for flying your UDI U818A 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with Video Camera RTF Mode 2.


  1. Just bought me this drone because from what I could see on YouTube, it produced the best video….and price. So I am very much appreciating what you have done here to get me ready. Now I will give you a couple of tips. Upload your HD video to YouTube as PRIVATE. When you have it ready, publish as PUBLIC. Somehow this will kick it into HD. Don't know how, but this is what YouTubers say and it works. Secondly, if you reduce the speed of your video from normal to 2x slower (2x may not be slow enuf…need to experiment)….this slowing down will take some of the shake out of the footage. I see you can do this from your YouTube Creator Studio. Or, since I use WeVideo, I can do it there and upload. Finally, I see in the YouTube creator studio where you can edit your vids, click on ENHANCEMENTS and bump color saturation + 2x and also add + 2x to contrast. I have a video of a blue jay on my channel (under 2 min. long) jumping from sunlight to shawdow. The original will say, "SUNLIGHT COLOR WASHOUT" and the same vid with color saturation and contrast boosted 2x will say, "COPY SUNLIGHT COLOR WASHOUT." You will have took take a second to look for these two vids. Watch the COPY after the original to see what I mean. Shot from a Browning Spec Ops trailcam. Adding an edit here….I have a DELL. I find that if I insert my SD card and then above CONTRO PANEL click on COMPUTER and open all files so I can see them (that are on the SD card)….then drag them over to the left and drop into the VIDEO folder. Then I double click on the vids and watch and rename. These re-named clips (if more than one) I upload to WeVideo. From WeVideo I edit and FINISH…meaning uploading (select PRIVATE and select to YouTube and select 720p). Then follow what I said above. Anyhow, just a 72 y.o. idiot who is trying to figure this all out.

  2. Not a bad beginner video, I would like to have sen you fly her. though…I have been looking at getting into a hobby and either a drone or a plane of helicopter. I haven't decided yet. The drones are cool but to really get a good one your talking over one thousand US dollars. They have drones that fit in your hand as small as the palm. They look fun for playing with the kitty cats. I have a neighbor that has three drones and they are fast. he's getting better and better, one has a screen to see where he is going and the area he is in. I have seen him do flips and go through trees and even under trucks. Really cool stuff.

  3. I have one and I plugged in the battery to the drone, turned the controller on, put the throttle up and down, and it was able to fly. The drone only flew for a few seconds until it stopped flying and the controller (Annoyingly) beeped constantly. How do I fix this?

  4. Not a word on the trimmer slide switches … because you don't know about them. Not a word about the calibration position on the right stick (down and to the right) to calibrate the transmitter and drone. I actually know more about this than you do, and I just got the thing. I've read the booklet … that's probably why.

  5. This is a quad for beginners. Thanks for giving us a tour that is also oriented to beginners. There are many fine, more advanced clips of people flying through trees and all that. This one fills a need. Where is the button to delete rude, snarky comments?


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