Learn how to find your lost drone (DJI Spark) – Lost for 16 hours in the mountains after crashing


I lost my DJI Spark after crashing into a giant rock formation. I searched for an hour until it became dark. DJI Spark accessories With the help of the DJI app, I was…


  1. My Spark looks silly with dayglow colored stickers all over it. The day glow stickers from filing cabinet organizers. However, it will stand out if I am looking for it in the field. Really thought you would be looking for your top cover color but all you could see was the subdued grey bottom frame. Only way that color could be worse is if it was digital camouflage.

  2. I have lost my DJI Mavic three times. I live in the Arizona desert. The first time I lost it was last summer. I ran out of battery power a mile and a half away. Which was my fault. I searched for four hours and couldn't find it. I was so sad. I sat in my car and was looking at the app and happen to find the find my drone. It led my right to it. You get so attached to these little machines. Great video. Thanks.

  3. wow.Glad you found your Spark. Indeed the Spark is a tough drone, only problem we have is sometimes it has a mind of its own. #flyaways.Anyhow, I've been thinking of attaching additional LEDs (with its own battery) like the one I'm using for night running. They are visible from across a football field. It may help in locating a crashed or flyaway drone as the batteries can last like 10 days when in blinking mode. Please see amazon for the LED (i.e ROAD ID).Again, glad you found your drone.


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