Le Idea Idea7 GPS Follow Circle Me FPV Drone Flight Test Review


This inexpensive folding drone includes GPS position hold, and circle and follow me capability. Find it here Pros – GPS capability in a low …


  1. Ciao abito in Italia ho comprato questo drone
    Il telecomando ha delle cose che non funzionano:ľ atterraggio il decollo il ritorno a casa ľ headless mood e lo stop di emergenza.mi puoi aiutare ?
    Ciao da dario

  2. Smrc s20 is the same quadcopter. You can use the spare parts and battery from that drone.
    Shame the GPS isn't that good on this drone….
    By the way there is an sd card slot in it. If you use that you has better video quality. You only have to modify the drone so you can reach it

  3. Anytime you're flying a 2.4 quadcopter check and make sure you turn your Bluetooth off. It can interfere with video no I don't know if that's your problem or not but I've seen some of the cheap cameras that skip frames turn off the Bluetooth and they work just to guess I'll enjoy your flying have a good day

  4. Just bought my grandson the Hubsan h502e for £36 ( $46) far and away better, spares readily available and the kicker – much cheaper and has a good track record, ( having said that I am MJX and Hubsan fan!)
    Best regards
    Richard Halliday ( Yorkshire, England)

  5. Hey I don't know if this helps you or not but when you using Wi-Fi on those Wi-Fi type quads make sure your Bluetooth is turned off it will interfere with your video. Let me know if that helps. And is it worth buying or can you recommend something around the same price today that I would like better with GPS in it about the same price or a little bit better thank you. Great videos.

  6. Can Someone pls. tell me what kind of brushed motors the Le Idea Idea7 GPS uses ? , I am a beginner and I probably broke one or two motors and also the small plastic wheels that are moving the propellers

  7. I just got one today! When I plugged in the battery with the charger given the green light stays solid while a little red light blinks. What does that mean? The manual says that the green light should blink while charging. Did I get a bad battery or charger?

  8. Good review, but I'm sure about the shirt 🙂 I couldn't decide between a Hubsan 507A and an Idea7, I finally ordered the Idea7. No idea abut the warranty or after sales service. Keep up the good work. Anther subscriber,

  9. I realize this is an old video, but I’m always interested in micro to small Quads. The video quality looks colorful and I must say better than the Tello. I would not compare this at all to my Spark, but I will to my Tello. While my Tello is a nice flyer…my gosh, unless I use an extender ( or even with one) the video quality is embarrassingly dull…even som much cheaper toy drones have better quality. I kind of like this one!

  10. Lol so poor range then not good range. Also these are only going to be worth buying is if you can buy spares for them or I would not recommend it. Not a bad cheap drone though

  11. Real good review and it's amazing what a person gets for a price with the new quadcopters. A few years ago you would have never gotten
    any of the features on one of these for the prices being paid now apparently, the market is getting pretty competitive.

  12. Always enjoy your video, the only thing I wish you did is test you camera angle, it is higher than your eye sight and therefore the drone is often lower than the camera field f view.


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