Landscape Photography with a Mavic Pro


I’m on holiday. I have the tiny drone. I can’t sit on a beach, it’s just not me so I made this video about taking still photographs with the DJI Mavic Pro and I had a blast. Also, stick around…


  1. wait a second. i think i know where that image at the end is from. unless im wrong its taken right near where i live and it's called the sea cliff bridge in Australia just a bit north of a city called Wollongong

  2. Tom your antennas on the controller want to be vertical not horizontal to the ground . The signal is very much the same as your home broadband and expands horizontally while the antenna are vertical hence the 2 mile range , pointing them at the drone does not help the aircraft or your 4K footage or had recovery of of footage .
    You will find it goes a lot farther for long shots , coming into land views ,hope this helps a bit

  3. A recent update to iOS has the ability to record the screen on your iPhone. Swipe up from the bottom to bring up the ?shortcut? screen. In the very lower right hand corner is the record button. Hit record. Then tap top of screen when complete.

  4. You got some great stuff, looks like you will be a natural at it in no time. I'm sure you have already but you can put it in sport mode and get it to go super top speed 55mph. The mavic is a little beast handles pretty well in the wind I normally top out at 15mph and don't fly in anything stronger than that. My dream is also to one day be able to travel to another country. I want to visit Australia one day. I would so smuggle my drone in with me hehe.


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