Landscape Photography – Preparing for Autumn


As we approach the end of September autumn is just around the corner. It’s time to prepare for what for some is the highlight in the landscape photography …


  1. Welcome back Chris, I always enjoy your laid back but meticulous approach to photography. Like James, Simon, Simon Booth, Steve O'Nion, Wayne Robinson and Adam from First Man Photography you offer something different than the morphing into clones of each other many of the British landscape channels seem to be doing. It was good to see you in the collaboration as well, which I’m very pleased introduced me to Simon Burn's work.

    For me burn out is something I live with far beyond any norms. As I’ve mentioned before I have a very unusual respiratory disorder, which causes profound upper body pain. As I have another lung infection at the moment I am on 25 different medications. Not 25 tablets, I take 22 of those just for breakfast, plus 3 inhalers, 2 creams, 2 patches, 3 inhalers and a nebuliser (I have to use 4 times daily) My baseline (unmediated) lung function is somewhere around 18-19%, my brain has shut my lower lungs down as it’s too painful to breathe.

    I also work for a DPO (Disabled Peoples Organisation) two days a week and volunteer half another to try and catch up. This is the same charity I give my prints to to sell though I don’t have my own name on them as I don’t want my photography to get in the way of the very important work we do. I run the Information and Advice service dealing with people who are in terrible states of desperation often made homeless and penniless due to sanction etc which they don’t have the intellectual or mental well being to cope with. I go in early and come home late in order to help as many people as possible, I usually see about a dozen people a day. It is far from easy to ask someone starving because they haven’t eaten for two days to wait while I have my lunch and a break.

    I come home on Monday evening and go straight to bed until Wednesday when I go in voluntarily. I’m never up after 5.30 pm as a rule (hence so much YouTube viewing), due to sheer exhaustion and pain. I do try to get up Friday after Thursday to go out and take some images. Then either Saturday or Sunday I will edit images, work in the darkroom or print, mount and make a frame for my images. To do the darkroom or framing I have to dress like Darth Vader with a mask on, this again causes more exhaustion due to the heat. I then spend the other weekend day in bed, even so I refuse to let 'it' win.

    My pain physio talks about my body closing down through 'fight or flight' beyond that which we normally associate with the term. In my case my brain shuts my body down as flight from the pain.

    Burn out is far from an expression, it’s a fact of life for many people where the options are limited. Respiratory conditions, CFS, heart conditions and poor mental well being can be both cause of burn out and manifestations of it.

    As for Autumn, next week hopefully will be on our way to Lake Vyrmwy to get the amazing Autumnal colours and hopefully if the temperatures have fallen I can get a rut in on the way. That’s images of a rut, not me having a rut.

    Thank you very very much for putting out this incredibly important video. Although not too much photography, in my (biased) opinion the best video you’ve made.

  2. Hi Chris, I'm finally managing to catch up on some youtube and photography now! I can completely understand the need to take a break. Although we haven't really burned out ourselves (yet!), it's actually been quite nice to have a break from putting videos together over the past few weeks. We'll definitely check out Jenny's video, looks like it will be really helpful. Sam.

  3. Autumn is so fickle and brief in its show of colors. It seems more difficult than finding good light. It seems only a lucky few find that grand autumn display of colors. I am too far from where I need to be to see any this year and probably too late.

  4. Photograph already New England (beautiful indeed), check my next fall images and maybe you will change your dream plans,,,, talking about break; this is very healthy for anything , doing it quiet a bit in every aspect of my life, nice to see you back, cheers from Colorado, VDN!

  5. After along break, I'm getting off the Cape and Heading to Vermont & New Hampshire on 10/3 with my kit and will try some live view focus…adding the Lake District to my bucket list, too

  6. Delicious and psychologically redeeming to have you back Chris. You have been missed without a substitute in sight. The patience and reserved manner you give back to life is key to sustaining the joy and contemplative nature of yourself within. Use this as your guide….not to pay attention to photographers in the passing lanes or those racing to "make their mark" on youtube. Stay in the center of who you are and delight awaits. Thanks for coming back to rescue us from the overzealous youtube photographers attempting to convince us there is a finish line we should keep an eye on and make it there "on time". Bob

  7. Good to see you back Chris! You picked a good spot to make your return on, hope you manage to get your Autumn colours next time you're out, they've started appearing near Windermere this week

  8. Great job Chris, glad you are back on form after your absence. I feel your pain and you are right on so many levels, trying to do a full time job with very long hours and extensive travel. Plus trying to get a vlog out weekly is no easy task, lets not forget balancing the family life also. I never really thought about how long I take to do my vlogs, so after watching this one last weekend I decided to make a metal note of my latest vlog and how long it took me. Your comment on the time taken is pretty much spot on! Keep it up Chris always look forward to the Lake District vlogs from you.

  9. Good to have you back Chris! I do the occasional YouTube video myself, as you know, but I never felt the urge of making it a regular thing, if I feel like making a video – that is, if I feel I have something useful to tell – I will, but I won't pressure myself into cranking one out week by week. Just doesn't work, fun and relaxation come first for me, which is why I am not likely to suffer a burnout like you have. Take it easy this time around, mate and may the light be with you!

  10. My Daughter once asked me. "Why don't you quit your job as engineer and start as a professional photographer?" Because I like to spend as much time as I like on every photo I take and like. If I had to deliver photo on a schedule I rather like to be an engineer. – I answered. (And maybe I'm not good enough…)
    I like to se high quality youtube video. I don't require or expect high quality on a schedule.
    My advice – Keep your passion of photography, and make your high quality video when you have the time and material. Dont get stressed by youtube or the number of your followers. The important followers will stay 🙂
    Niels Daugaard


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