Landscape Photography: Epic Sunrise and Drone Photos


The greatest moment of light for a landscape photographer is during sunrise … and what better place to be than on top of a spectacular mountain. In this vlog I …


  1. Hi there, I was very impressed with your video especially as you showed both skills of someone I’m looking for. I’m in the initial phase of my fantastic idea for celebrating my 50th in early 2021. I’ve recently got the bug for hiking / trekking and have already done Mount Snowdon, however for my 50th I wish to take on the absolutely amazing Annapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal. I’m certainly not a professional photographer but I have the utmost respect for superb quality photos and an inner passion for landscape photography. I am therefore looking to find a semi professional photographer, a HD Drone / Cameraman and keen hikers to join me at the end of Feb 2021 in Katmandu, Nepal. Approximately 21 days expedition covering the 100km+ Trek in The Himalayas.
    I’m looking for a passionate photographer looking to explore their passion in an amazing country with one of the best landscapes on this planet. Would you be interested? If not do you know any friends of yours who might find this amazing journey to good to turn away from. Please let me know, cheers.

  2. so awesome that you can get so far into the wilderness and capture such beautiful images – and also nice that there is always a path to follow. don't stop – -your work is truly inspirational

  3. Ironic that the video I watched previous to this one the quote at the beginning was "The biggest cliche in photography is sunrise and sunset." and now the quote we can take from this video is "What beats the sunrise moment in landscape photography? In my opinion, nothing."

  4. Also the most risky light for me, that morning light. If it doesn't happen and it is 4 o clock to wake up (like I need to do now here in the netherlands) there is a good chance my whole day is ruined. I am always happy and cheerful with one exception: if I woke up way too early. I am a wrecj all day. the next best light, in the evening is far less risky… to me.


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