KK10S Folding GPS 1080p FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This long flying follow me GPS drone comes with a nice carrying case and also has circle and waypoints capability. Find it here .


  1. Can anyone advise me? Have SMRC S20 which works well with the remote controller and I have FPV on the iPhone with VS GPS app. I can take photos and videos with the controls on the iPhone app. However, I can't operated the drone from the digital controls on the iPhone or start the motors from the app, how do I transfer from the remote to the app control? Thanks, Wm

  2. Does anyone have the user manual for this drone? I just purchased this drone and the user manual was missing and I cant find a PDF online anywhere? The seller has been no help at all 🙁
    Thanks in advance

  3. I'll be posting my review is the JJRC H78G tomorrow. I had the same issues with the TBE on RTH. It worked ok the first time but the second RTH was a disaster. Did it on both flights. The drone is really flaky but when it cooperates it flies great.

  4. No SD card holder? They will have lost a lot of potential customers because of that. Other wise, a nice drone .You can get a Hubsan X4 with gps , and SD card holder for 1/2 the price of this one..$40.


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