KF607 Folding 2K 4K Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This optical flow drone includes the capability of recording still photos in very high resolution . Find it here Also be sure to check out …


  1. Plz someone reply to this: I can't figure out how to connect the remote controller to the drone. I think it's through the app but it seems to not work. The main reason I'm doing this is because that's the only way I know how to move the front lenses on the drone. So if anyone can help me plz do

  2. i have this kind of drone, and no doubt it has great quality photo or video for its price. its true, the app is buggy, transmitted video always glitches, but still has good quality. and by d way, the controller has a speed rate control by pressing down momentarilly the left stick. more power and, nice reviews…

  3. Frankly, I am tired of so-called 4K cameras which have no SD card , not even to mention the lack of electronic stabilisation. it's silliness

  4. just a curious question,,,,I notice that you make palm motions with your transmitter,,,does that really synchronize your tx? Why do you do that,,,,,does it really work? Love your reviews,,look forward to them all….thanks…..jim

  5. thought I was on the wrong channel when I saw trees…then I saw your shirt and knew I was where I needed to be lol, all the best from the wet and windy UK


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