Ken Heron – TNL (Show #54) Jason Schappert and a Phantom 4 Prize-Pack


LIVE stream hosted by Ken Heron and Dana Williams. We talk about drones and other entertaining things and stuff. Please join us each Thursday night at 7pm …


  1. Thanks Ken for having Jason from remote101 107 training course on again he has the best course on the internet. Watched the whole replay in it's entirety sorry for missing the live stream was back in hospital

  2. Dear Mr. Dr. Sir Lord OHighness KEN da Droneguy….. Yeah, sounds good….WE LOVE YOUS VIDEOS. SERIOUSLY. so. Im a Hungarian, who living (legally) here in Australia, in the wild west….(Perth, W.A.) for some time…. anyway….and I just checked over the current Hungarian laws for drones….according to the Hun local internet, nobody allowed to have any drone or even a parkflyer in posession at all….just like back on da good old times, under our good old and respected leaders…..Stalin? Lenin? Honecker or Kadar?…..and those bastards telling us, they building a better and brighter future….where is da freeeeedom…camerades????? (just to tell uuuu, we are lucky we can fly our p4 s. see yas. Les.


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