Kauai, Hawaii – Higher Ground Drone 4K (with Hyperlapse)


Aerial adventures through the Higher Grounds of Kauai Island, Hawaii. Includes normal film and hyperlapse landscape sequences of the Napali Coast, Waimea …


  1. Fantastic video. Your managed to Capture the feeling of Hawaii. Did you stabilize any of this in post? Looks considerable. Ore stable than other hyper-lapse videos I have seen posted. And Wow! Fantastic production.

  2. Do me a favor and list equipment in the comments. I'm posting your videos on our forum and I want to make sure you and the equipment get credit. Awesome video as always!

  3. Wow nice… So you went to Kauai recently???:))) That hyper lapse mode does a great job on a new mavic… Do you know if you can have it on phantom4pro after new updates??? I’m afraid to do updates on my P4P after my bad last year experience with P4


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