Kaiser Baas – Alpha Drone – Review and Flight


Links to purchase: JB HiFi – RTF (Au$180) – HarveyNorman – RTF (Au$200) –


  1. This is now available in the uk and was recommended to me as a first drone for a christmas gift for my husband so i came looking for more information and i have zero idea what i have just listened too but i have decided against this drone as my hubby has dexterity issues and this transmitter is cumbersome so thank you for that.

  2. My son got one for Xmas from his grandparents (which means I've got it too lol) and is great fun.However the video control is a nightmare-with only one button to turn it on and off you don't know if it's recording or not.It had a red light on the underside to tell you if it's recording but when it's airborne you can't see it and the controller just has a video icon that just flashes when you press the button but doesn't tell you anything other than that .This is a real downside.
    On the plus side despite the cheap look it is pretty sturdy and I've crash tested it thoroughly! The rotor guards did break eventually as these are cheap plastic but the rotors themselves have survived so far even when jammed with twigs and grass and dropped from a great height onto concrete!
    Great fun

  3. Hey dude
    I only just got my drone today on the Boxing Day sale ($99) and wanted to know … how do you fly it so well? Doing all those funnel tricks and stuff ?

    I always try and keep the front of the drone facing ahead of me so I don't get disoriented when trying to control it, but then it sux when I'm recording cos I'm only recording one way.
    Any tips to improve my flying capabilities without getting disoriented?

    And how do you know when it's actually recording ?


  4. Ryan did you have any problems with recording video? It seems to be very hit and miss for me. Mostly miss. I start record and it will record right up until takeoff and turn itself off or a file might be broken or the video file has 0 bytes of memory so no video.

  5. cool, thanks for the video. Noticed HarveyNorman's has this on sale here in Ireland right now, might pick one up tomorrow as my first drone after I ask about the refund policy lol the deadzone and button positions just might annoy me too much

  6. I've loved seeing what drones do as a 65+ year old man, put one on lay away and finally picked it up a few weeks ago. I have been so unhappy with with my flying skills though. Am I not suited to it possibly? I've avoided Playstation games or any invitations to play because I have tried before and my reflexes are far to slow. Does that mean anyone with slow reflexes could never fly anything like a drone. I have always had two left feet learning to dance. Have I got the wrong kind of brain even??? The creative and artistic side of my intellect is very well developed, so does that mean I should never have purchased a drone?


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