JY018 Foldable Selfie Drone Review


This is a review of the US$30 JY018 Foldable Selfie Drone by Jun Yi Toys. Is this pocketable drone as good as the original Dobby Drone by Zero Tech? Watch …


  1. Would somebody please tell me why JY018 Selfie Drone, their mp4 video will not open up with any of the video players (Windows Media Player, Nero Video Player, Quicktime, Pinnacle, Final Cut Pro etc)

  2. It's a fun little toy for the price. The downside is that people unfamiliar with drones will choose this to "learn" on, but in reality it is much more difficult to control and takes more skill than more sophisticated drones that can hover motionless in place, return to "home", etc… Just don't have false expectations.

  3. Landed my Drone X, E58 on the road after battery became weak . The drone was ran over by a Taxi before I could recover it. It will be safer to fly it away from the road. I am thinking of buying this model although I have another E58 spare. 500 ma battery is just not sufficient. JY018 looks simple in construction maybe good for beginners. I understand that we cannot fly our drones in all the national parks in Singapore, and also within 5 Km of airport. Thank you for the video you made. Excellent.

  4. It's funny you mention poorly translated manual. I have read some funny things! Like "drill a 1/5" hole" or "lubrication not necessary as a special oilless metal is used" probably made sense before translating lol

  5. Hey i live in China can you help me with the drone i want to buy a drone with have gps on it can you help me whichone should i buy but its should be around 400 rmb if possible plz do reply


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