JXD 510G Predator Altitude Hold FPV Drone Flight Test Review


This 5.8 Ghz FPV quadcopter includes an effective altitude hold mode that makes FPV flying very easy. Find it here This is an update to …


  1. I agree, the jello is bad. A shame that some drone manufacturers can't stabilise their cameras better, even springs/foam to reduce vibration!. Strange that if you look at a promotional video for the JXD509 (for example)ย that the video is good, without jello!! That is definitely misleading!

  2. THIS IS THE WORST QUADCOPTER I HAVE EVER FLOWN. The altitude hold holds the quad at 6 feet and it will not fly any highter.. Flip does'nt work. The one key return button the quad fly's away from you and keeps going and the video recorded footage is a joke. only get one if you have money to throw away!!!

  3. Hi cool video, what FPV goggles can you recommend with the JDX 510G? What FPV goggles are you using in this video? I'm using the monitor screen with the JXD 510G but I want to upgrade to FPV goggles.

  4. Hi got one for Xmas should it fly straight from the box . I started it up and it rolls over need help and it seems to have a mine of its own the props all seem to spin different thanks

  5. I've bought one X-Predator ML2124 and I'm having some issues to descend the aircraft. It seems it doesn't want to came down or does it very very very slowly. Any tips? Maybe pushing the Speed button on the controller? (I did it and didn't work out). Any help would be appreciated. thanx

  6. i just bought this from gear best and i have to say that it doesn't make any jello. I see that in all the reviews they say that makes lot of jello, but maybe today they sell it fixed.

  7. I've got my 510G on order. I think I SHOULD'VE got'n the 506G but I can change later. Figured this might be more forgiving. I DO however want to get your opinion as to options/upgrades. Motors? Possible rotor upgrades to make more effeceint? ALSO, do you see a reason to upgrade the antenna's? I've watched quite a few of your videos. MULTIPLE times actually. REALLY enjoy them!


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