JXD 509W Altitude Hold FPV Drone Flight Test Review


The altitude hold feature of this quadcopter makes flying FPV very easy as it automatically maintains a steady altitude without need of pilot input. Find it here …


  1. Howdy – Just bought the 509W and can't get it to connect using WIFI. Works find with the remote but .. . . . Any help from anyone would be appreciated. Here is what I have done many times: Turn Quad on, go to WIFI on my phone, select the Quad and hit connect. It says "Connected". I load the APP and it appears on my phone. No video from the Quad however. I turn the APP ON and still no video. None of the controls work. I hit the camera button to snap and pic, and it says, "please connect to device". !!!!!HELP!!!! What am I doing wrong. This is not rocket science but I feel super stupid at this point. Thanks !!!!

  2. My guy… Would you recommend this one OR what would you suggest in an affordable drone used for recording high school football games. I dont want to break the bank but I also dont want an extremely cheap one that wont last. What would you advise?

  3. This one I have and I waa stupid to get it off ebay because it never worked and than caught on fire so now I have a drone that is just for look so I decide to order the jxd 509v which is better I feel and I order it from bangood also on the ebay one he only gave me half my money which sucked but now I have parts I guess for my other one ,The swich for this one broke and than caught on fire and smoked

  4. OK here's my review of the 509g it has a few very good point alt hold one key return nice cam bit of jello but here's the catch the start stop function if you take the drone up over 2 meters and hit the start /stop to land the drone it will not work the reson is clear it tried to land but after about 1/2 foot the alt hold function kicks in and back up it goes it will keep doing this till it runs out of battery the only test I did not try was flying it down very low to a few feet then hitting land this has occurred to me as a after thought

  5. Yesterday I had a brain fart and sent my 509G over a rooftop and by the time it took me to get around the house it was GONE! So I looked and looked all around the area but couldn't find it. I was about to give up when the idea hit me to turn the FPV screen on and when I did there was a vague image of branches and clouds — a wonderful surprise! So I started walking and as I did the image became clearer. When I reached a certain point the image started to fade. So I turned back and as I walked the image brightened again. It was like using a metal detector.

    There were a lot of trees and huge bushes in this area. When I got to a point where the image seemed brightest and clearest I started playing with the Start/Stop functions and BINGO! I heard it! Then I found it — hidden high in a clump of dark bushes. If it was night-time I would have seen the lights blinking but it was mid-day and the battery would not have lasted 'til dark. But the quad was intact. Not a mark on it. And I am one happy patron of this excellent, feature-rich little quad.

    The FPV feature certainly did more than its intended job for me. So make sure you keep your monitor charged up.

  6. Hello. I have a question that I hope you can help me with. I want to get an fpv drone that can reach fairly long range. As you mentioned in this video, this drone does not do very well in long range. Basically, I am looking for a drone that can help me find cattle in relatively unreachable spots. I have cattle in rocky highlands and it is sometimes difficult to reach them. What drone would you recommend? I also do not need a professional drone, I am looking for something under $100. I have been looking at the Syma x5sw, but the description says it has a range of 30 meters only. I need more than 50. 100 meters would be sweet. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

  7. Hey 101 the real one the actual Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ is soooo much better and is on sale for those interested for less than 800 bucks! For toy grades I would not recommend wifi fpv, toy companies just need to stick with 5.8 ghz.


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