JXD 509G FPV Drone Flight Test Review


This 5.8Ghz FPV flier has excellent FPV and control range. It also has an altitude hold feature that works very well. Its 2MP camera isn’t that bad either. Find it here


  1. i would add a few different features, like different colored blades for front and back, adding top lights for each arm, mine didn't have the antenna on the screen, it that an option to get later

  2. Hello my friend
    I want to purchase a drone like this but I got some questions
    how does it performs
    are there to cameras one for recording and one for live stream or there is just one for both .
    how is the range in meters for live transmit


  3. Great video. You need to way up the video production values for things like at the beginning. Plan ahead. Get a tripod. A light. You could not even really see the buttons. Not that any of that was necessary, but, that style for that usage was kind of shaky. Great drone, and review too. I think I am sold It looks pretty good.

  4. can you tell me what the camera wires are? meaning it has red, yellow, black wires red being power I would assume? black being earth/ground and would yellow be for the signal? does that sound right …thanks

  5. New to drones. Hoping this video would help. But don't know how to turn on receiver and that is not visible on this video. Also how can I determine if I am in beginner, intermediate or advance operation mode? Thanks

    Edit: Thanks for prompt reply. New to the world of drones and unfamiliar with the terminology, I struggled to understand the explanation in this video. I was given a slightly used Helizone Falcon 5.8G, (owner ws upgrading) and find that it does not respond well. The trim is unresponsive and it will not elevate beyond a few inches off the ground. Perhaps the previous owner had one too many accidents. That said, it has some pretty bad reviews on Amazon.

  6. when flying fpv, does it "steer as you are say in the drivers seat…meaning left is left and right is right? the way you see it on the screen? I just received my 509g last night. have not been able to try it yet. Also what is throttle trim? thank you


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