JX 1601HW Micro Folding FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This great flying micro Mavic clone includes a 720p HD FPV camera. Find it here Available in black or white. The 2MP camera version is …


  1. Newbie Questions: 1. Does every quad come with its own controller, or are there "universal" controllers? 2. If I want to buy two of the same quad – the same make/model/manufacturer (for example, to fly indoors with someone else), can they be flown together at the same time in the same space, or will they be on the same frequency and interfere with each other?

  2. Video isn't bad, but the frame rate or bit rate is low, and the freezes at relatively short distances puts this in the 'toy grade indoor/selfie drone' category. I'm still hoping that in 2018, we will see an end to these 2.4ghz wi-fi drones, and see them all move to 5.8ghz. Most decent cell phone in the past couple generations have been 802.11AC capable, so it shouldn't be a problem for the majority of potential buyers. I'm also hoping that in 2018 we'll see the release of a true HD (1080P30) AIO cam in a TX03 form factor. There are some out there now, but they are "split" .. CCD camera and VTX are separate, but the video from them is outstanding (I believe Runcam makes them). Also on my list of "things I'd like to see in 2018" are an end to so-called RTH and Headless mode .. and for that matter, altitude hold, until they base it on a better technology than the cheap barometric parts they use in current "altitude hold" quads, which really don't hold their altitude (ditto for "position hold' based on optical or IR sensors which don't work well either). Doesn't necessarily mean that prices will go thru the roof if they incorporate these improvements. A few years ago, no one could imagine a brushless quad or a GPS quad priced below $100 .. but now there are many out there. As long as the manufacturers continue to push each other with new and innovative products (WHICH ARE FULLY TESTED BEFORE THEY ARE RELEASED), I think all the things I mentioned are possible in the 2018 time frame. If I had to guess which companies will be 1st with this, I'd have to say either MJX, Hubsan or Walkera would be top contenders. Syma seems stuck in the past, and Eachine, which seems to bring out a new quad every week, doesn't practice "due diligence" (IMHO) when it comes to fully testing what they release. I guess we'll see .. 2018 just started, but I'm expecting some really innovative and good quads this year. Thanks for the review. Cheers.

  3. First! Well close, lol. Love your vids. Keep employees coming and please don't stop with the micro/mini/nano. I'm wanting one but on the fence about which one. I'M new and on tight budget so my purchase decisions have to made carefully. GREAT videos and GREAT channel. Thank you again


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