JJRC V686 FPV Quadcopter DRONE Review


JJRC WLTOYS V686 FPV QUADCOPTOR DRONE FLIGHT & REVIEW This video was taken on a very windy partially overcast day. JJRC V686 FPV R/C quadcopter review: This is a complete ready to fly…


  1. the landing skids just fall off mine.  had to super glue them on.  the prop protectors have the tiniest screws. out of the 12 screws i got none screwed  in and 3 lost on the floor. i super glued them on to. the charger look like it is from china with a 2 round prong plug in. no idea how to use that. the usb charger or i think it is a charger i have no idea how to use it. the instruction Manuel does not say anything about the usb accessory. this thing has been one big stressful headake

  2. Great video well done. I agree about the on off switch being omitted what the heck were they thinking. Instruction book also sucks and i can't make heads or tails about how to calibrate the thing, mine wanders all over the place any pointers on this would be appreciated. . I did see a you tube video where the user switches it off so previous models must have had the on off switch (0n the side) and they cheapen up the build by omitting it.  

    Can you also she some pointers on how to turn this quad properly i'm having a tough time with that. Thanks

  3. thanks for the video and written review above.  Looking to purchase my first drone and planning to keep the purchase under $200.  The video quality looks usable as opposed to some of the lower end units I have been shopping.

  4. Not to come off as a dick or anything, but this video seems as though it should have been titled: JJRC V686 Quadcopter Drone FLIGHT.

    In my mind, a review video goes over the pros and cons of the quad.

  5. I recently bought one from banggood and it has yet to come in, I am 13 and really into the quad copter flying hobby so correct me if im wrong but this is eggsactly the same thing as a Wltoys v686 but black right? same ,range,LEDs,Transmitter etc?


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