JJRC H98 Micro Camera Drone Flight Test Review


At about $28, this colorful little drone is one of the cheapest camera quadcopters currently on the market. Find it here . It has extreme yaw at high rate, yet at low…


  1. Measuring the range of communication on this drone showed – 158 meters. The maximum load-carrying capacity is 60 grams. The results are good. The battery compartment is small, it's bad.

  2. it seems real stable in your vdo but mine is not even if i turn on the
    sensitivity mood to advanced level and on headless mood the rtl mood
    doesn't work can you tell me what is wrong…or i got a copy cat
    thing…btw it doesn't stay at one place for a single moment…

  3. Hi QC101 I just received one off these H98 copters. where is the red light for the camera? I press the button and here a double beep, but don't see any red light on the camera. When I turn on the transmitter sometimes out goes on and sometimes it doesn't. have to play with on/off switch. Any suggestions or anybody else having this issue?

  4. I have this quad and it's really good. Except I cannot seem to get it to record. If i press the button i see the red light underneath flashing. I finish the flight and take the memory card out. Put it in reader to find nothing on the card. Not sure what I'm missing.

  5. Hi, I got this quadcopter but the remote control make beeps allllll the time since I put the batteries on it. 3D flip cover doesnt work, no one key return, no headless. How can I fix it?

  6. I recently bought this model and out of the box it had a defect, maybe from bouncing around with shipping. It takes about 5 to 6 seconds to connect to the remote. When I turn on the throttle full power goes to the blades but not all at the same time. It fluctuates between all four blades at different times. I want to be able to fix it myself if i can so i dont have to pay for shipping. Any suggestions??

  7. Thanks Q101, nice review. Why can't some of these companies get it through their heads to design quads that won't tip over every time they're landed? Really would help in keeping grit out of the gears.


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