JJRC H62 splendor review – CHEAP foldable selfie drone with follow me and opticla flow positioning


Get the JJRC Splendor here➜ coupon code: RC18OFF JJRC H62 splendor is a foldable drone that comes with a working follow me function …


  1. I quite like this drone, but im sceptical to fly it via phone. I very much like the remkte of h47 elfie+… Which leads me to my question. Since you reviewed both splendor and elfie+, which one is better and which one has better camera?

  2. Hi Paul, looks like a very nice drone for its price. Maybe one of the best competitors for the tello right now available? And of course many thanx to that beautiful model!
    Btw, rc18off is not working! Just tried to order one…


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