JJRC H37 ELFIE WIFI FPV Mini Drone RC Quadcopter w/ Camera – Black


4CH 6-Axis Gyro, Foldable Arms, Easy to Carry, WiFi Remote Control, USB Charging, With G-sensor Product link: More …


  1. Purchased this with the hopes that it really was this exciting and easy…. BOGUS! I fly all kinds of quads… this one is unpredictable…. impossible to position for even a simple shot… and just a toy. Maybe it will stabilize for a moment but even in no wind it drifts even when corrected. It's fun to fly, but it is not good as a selfie drone… good luck! I do like that it gets 7 plus minutes of flight, but it's a total fight of flight to keep it stable…This advertisement however is TOTALLY misleading! Beware!

  2. People stop complaing and url ufo app and get use to the control remember the cam is head and you steer it that way you got to get use to it when turning head and flying the controls may become back wards feeling you turn left but it goes its left so just get use to it url app is better on this for control don't need thumb on phone so you can see what your recording and all that tech for $40 you can complain and in time of danger it Will come in handy

  3. I have the pink version if it and while no one would expect it to be DJI stable I was only hoping it could at least hover. But this thing goes up/down left right all at the same time and u spend all ur time trying to get it to come back to u than to get it to take photos of u…No…u cant land it on ur hands, I cant even get to come back where it started even if the pad is 1mx1m….I resorted to my boyfriend's DJI Mavic for selfies…he took a vdo of me with this drone and said "I'm sorry babe, it appears I cant get u and the drone in the same frame" because I was busy running after it….i got one shot…The picture of me saying "Oh shit"…..


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