JJRC H31 Waterproof Sport Drone Flight Test Review


What this sporty little waterproof quad should be bragging about is how well it can fly! Oh, and it comes with sunglasses too 🙂 Find it here Pros – Waterproof. Well…


  1. I love mine. I made a little sling that hangs under it where the camera would go, and it holds a 600 mAh battery just fine. I get 20 minutes of fly time in mode 1. This is the most fun I've ever had while only spending 30 bucks!

  2. Back in the day you suggested the U807 as a great quad. Now that the U807 is discontinued and is a bear to find, would this be a good substitute? They look similar… But looks are only skin deep hah. If not, what would be your current suggestion in lieu of the U807?

  3. How do you know where is front and where is back , when the drone is away from you? Not knowing where is actually "right or left"? I mean, after you have turned the drone in all directions….? How do you not lose control of where it goes?


  4. Hi there! I started having a funny problem with my h31. I am strapping my batteries (600mah) with a velcro strap on the place for the camera and since 2 days my drone is starting to loose horisontal stability and drop on the ground while spinning like crazy. Any ideas why this is happening? Thank you!

  5. I have this quad and love it. Mainly for the expert mode and rates. Could you recommend another sport quad that is above this level? Faster etc. not interested in a camera. Thank you.

  6. hey quadcopter 101, I bought this quad and it is not right. 1st issue battery starts blinking within 2min, and it is possessed I think it just goes stupid and crashes it's self. sounds like 1 or more motors speed up flipping it and drives itself into the ground

  7. Hello again Quadcopter 101! Thanks for the great review of the JJRC H31. I liked that you were having so much fun with it that you forgot a few things you wanted to test on your review. To me, that says it all!

    GearBest is having a special "Flash Sale" of the JJRC H31 in green with expedited shipping in the USA for only US$ 22.90. I've been following the price of this for a while from many vendors, and this is the best price I've seen on it yet. I bought one!

    Thanks again for your great review and may you have blue skies and many happy flights!
    Joe Cro

  8. At full rate/'expert mode' can you flip it, or is it only push button flip? Just ordered one because I live in Oregon and need something seriously water resistant/proof because we're such a wet state.

    Also, you didn't show any drones in the video, just a quadcopter! 🙂 We shouldn't use such a negative and incorrect term in the community! Especially for devices that have no autonomous flight modes.

  9. Hello, thank you for the video. I have a few questions. Considering that I know nothing about drones etc., is this a good option for a gift? I want to give my nephew one for Christmas.
    Would you recommend this as such?
    Also you mentioned the camera. What type of camera can you mount on this? Like a Go-Pro or what?
    Sorry for my ignorance on the subject.
    Thanks for the help! =D


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