JJRC H30C Nano HD Camera Drone – Full Review – [Unboxing, Inspection, Flight Test, Pros & Cons]


Enjoy my full and in-depth review of the tiny JJRC H30C HD Camera Nano quadcopter drone. Get it here: Send me a Letter | Donation | or …


  1. Hello Dustin, my name is Burl Gaskins and I am from Tallahassee Fl and I love flying. I have been in to drone for about 6 months and would love to win that drone.

  2. hi Dustin.. well just need little help..! the parrot disco price is gone down a lot..! what do you think about parrot disco considering everything..!? do think it's worth having it!? I never had a fixed wing before..! and would you please make another video with parrot disco..! I don't know but when I search in YouTube it looks like no one talk or make any videos about disco..! looks like every one just forgot about it " and thats scares me to buy it…!

  3. I thought the little drone did pretty good .. If your going to give one away I would take it an have some fun great video . I like how you explained the pro an con .. Great job 🙂


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