JJRC H26D Camera Drone with Gimbal Flight Test Review


This large quadcopter includes a motorized remote controlled gimbal with its 3MP 720p HD camera. You can point the camera up and down and right and left …


  1. FYI you fly these a few times and give reviews these are junk after a few dozen batteries the gyro goes bad and they spin constantly and in the wind they also spin easily complete junk buy a tarantula x6 10 times better i bought three of these and there all unflyable and thats with no crashes

  2. Never EVER buy JJRC product.

    I've got the H26 and haven't flown it for a while then last week took it out and it flew well on it's first flight, then fell out of the sky on the second flight after a minute. One motor wouldn't spin so I assumed I fried a motor. Turns out, the power lead to the FCB snapped off, as well as the power lead to the coupler plug. So now I have to unscrew 34+ screws to get at the FCB and try to solder it back on. Hope that works but with JJRC's shitty QC, I'm not holding my breath.

    I had the JJRC X1 which fried the ESC's on it's first flight, replaced the ESC controller with no luck.

    I had 2 of the newer version X6 Tarantula that BOTH fell out of the sky without warning when ALL the motors stopped on both of them when they were both within 25 meters of the TX.

    I've got XK X251 and XK X380 and both are bullet proof. Also had a Bayangtoys X16 older version that had no problems.

    But I'd recommend stop plugging JJRC. They're for crap.


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