JJRC H23 Flying Car Drone Flight Test Review


Is it a drone, or is it a car? It’s both! Buy it here Pros – Easily switches back and forth …


  1. Look like I'm gonna buy this but I need to know something
    1. Does the front wheel can be turn left and right

    2.Can it really be steer like a normal rc car like when you fast and turn on corner will it turn like normal rc car or instead it will fly on the corner?

    3. Please Answer Me, I'm gonna buy it

  2. hello quadcopter 101.I am looking forward to buy a new quadcopter I have two already so I am not a beginner I know how to fly.I am stuck between two quads jjrc h31 and jjrc h23.I like them both.which would you prefer in terms of flight and all other characteristics plz give me some advice.thanks.looking forward for your reply.

  3. hi, I've seen a few of your these 2 in 1 videos of yours, which do you think is the best quadcopter to car out right now which is relatively small? thanks

  4. This is ridiculous… !!
    HOW are you flying that thing so stable..?? I just got mine and the car feature when i go forward it turns hard left and just makes circles…
    When i try to fly it, it immediately banks hard left and crashes into the ground.. No matter what i do i can’t keep it stable inside or outside.
    There is NO wind inside the house yet it banks hard left and slams into the wall or couch.. When i take it outside and have NO wind it does the same thing, it lifts up and banks hard left and crashes..
    Very frustrating and pissed off that i want to fly this thing and can’t keep control of it yet you guys fly these with ease and keep then hovering stable…

  5. HI 101 YOU ARE REALLY COOL and i wonderd if you could shout me out i do have ro admit thoughvyour vids are awsome i have a worldtech toys sonic if you ever do a reve
    iew of it just asking to see how to put it in altitude hold thanks

  6. I had difficulty operating it in car mode. I had the Syma version X9 .looks like the JJRC has much better range. My Syma barley made 30 meters in flight and 20 meters as a car. Operating the car using one stick for direction and steering was difficult, being non proportional also add to my frustration.


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