JJRC H20C Micro Camera Hexacopter Drone Flight Test Review


This little hexacopter has a 720P HD video camera, and very good range for a micro. Find it here from Banggood …


  1. I got one of these from an eBay seller that had a different name but it turned out to be TomTop, the party that gave me a refund on my defective drone.  It was obviously previously opened and returned, judging by the ripped open seals on all of the tape and packaging seals both inside and outside of the packaging, although the TomTop rep kept claiming it was brand new.  The transmitter's power button did not work (sometimes did not turn on, never turned off so I had to pull the batteries to shut it off) plus the drone did not power up.  I suspected the battery was bad, but TomTop kept denying that they sell anything other than brand new, sealed products when I told them I would be willing to accept a new battery to see if it would work.  After some really bad lack of service, I finally disputed with eBay and got my refund without having to return the defective drone.  The four-pack of extra batteries I ordered from a different auction arrived a week later from China, and it turned out that the drone's battery was bad, as the props spun with the new batteries. 

    However, the battery was glued into a cage and the cage cracked when I removed the defective original battery; I had to wrap the batteries in masking tape to keep them from falling out of the battery bay without the cage.  The props fell off extremely easily when it crashed, plus they are so small they easily got lost and I went through three of my spare props just in the few times I got it airborne. The H20C's throttle was so sensitive that it was not flyable inside (at least not by a beginner like myself) without immediately taking off into the ceiling.  Outside, it frequently would skyrocket and fail to respond to throttle or other controls and suffered a bunch of flyoffs.  One of the prop guards broke and then one of the arms holding the motor and propeller broke, rendering the drone inoperable. 

    Although part of the problems I experienced had to do with the drone being an obvious return presumably because of the dead battery, there were so many other things that went wrong with this drone that I cannot recommend it.  I guess I'll do an eBay auction to see if anyone wants to buy my 4 spare batteries, charger, spare props and anything else they can salvage for spare parts like the motors.  It's a shame because it looked pretty cool and the transmitter, if it worked, was really nice with full labels on all buttons.

  2. I really want:
    JJRC (or Eachine or Blade)
    to come out with an
    w/ altitude hold! I love that thing but it's hard to keep it off the ceiling LoL in my small house 🙂
    Keep up the video's man!
    What's your suggestion for an easy indoor mini/nano RTF w/ Alt-Hold??

  3. Hi Quadcopter 101, thanks for all the great videos. I just got this in the post today and loved it until it crashed. All is well but they didn't say which props go where in the instructions. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  4. The fly away is terrible on this drone. I got it on Wednesday, and I already lost it. Also, it DOES lose connection on a regular basis. The automatic return was also terrible. I really hope it was just mine that was doing this. If this is a standard feature of the drone(failure), then is recommend boycotting this product.

  5. I'm having major issues with the one key return function. Every time, everywhere, I press the button for this feature it travels south, and ONLY south. I just got this today and was really stoked after a tiring day of work. Do you have any idea what could be wrong with it?

  6. Thanks Quadcopter 101- just got mine – can't wait to play with it.
    Wise to fly in an open field in case if it drops out.
    I have an H20 – these fly-away videos are all people flying into trees/bush – not smart.

  7. Your link to spare batteries in the description is wrong as the battery included is a 280mah battery and your link is to a 150mah battery for the non-camera h20. I wish I could find a link to the 280mah batteries for this h20c.


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