JJRC H11WH Altitude Hold Camera Drone Flight Test Review


This update of the JJRC H11 adds real time FPV video and altitude hold to make it an extremely steady flier. Buy it here 10% off with coupon code “quad101” …


  1. Quite a disappointing fpv drone purchase for me. It's heavy for its size and so it flies like a tank. Not fast or nimble. Battery doesn't last long. Range of fpv wifi video is 30 meters or more like less. Same for the range on the transmitter. First drone or heli I've come across out of 8 different that when it loses signal it will just fly away! So my review all in all is, yes it flies alright (not to well in wind either) but I would not recommend this P.O.S.. Also the built in camera battery would not charge so I had to take it apart and make modifications adding a charging plug of my own.

  2. I also didnt have much luck with this drone but I guess what you pay for. First problem couldnt get android app to work , tried multiple ones, broke one of the camera mounts off while trying to close the batt door, overall didnt fly too well was shakey. Im not too let down because it wasnt expensive…

  3. Great video, you helped me decide on this quad. one question I have, is how to put copter in headless mode. when I hit the headless mode key it starts to beep and come back to me, but headless mode doesn't seem to kick in. what are the steps to put in headless mode.


  4. i have bought two of these and they both flew off when the battery started to die. they lost control when the voltage meter built in shuts off the flight controller to bring them to home. i wouldn't buy this model again. i am only down 100 bucks but that is a lot of money.

  5. Late with my comment but I just encountered a problem with WI-FI not linking on mine(purchased from TOMTOP) After extensive You Tube viewing I'm noticing there are different WI-FI links depending on the App you install. The scan code for the Video_Copter app that were printed on my "so called" instructions DID NOT WORK! The FLYEYE app DOES!  It's a bit frustrating that the info that comes with the drone is useless. Thanks to YouTube and a few that indicated using the FLYEYE app!

  6. +Quadcopter 101 In one of your other videos you said what camera you used to record these clips, I can't seem to find it. Can you please give me a reference? Also, what do you use for a microphone? Cheers!


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