JJRC H11D FPV Camera Quadcopter Drone Review – Part 2 – [Flight Test]


Here’s part two of my full review with the JJRC H11D Mini FPV Drone which you can find here: and use coupon code JREOG for more …


  1. It is a bit of a mystery that they put remote camera tilt on such a cheap little model and yet so many higher quality platforms have not understood the value of having this function. What other models do have this function that you are aware of?

  2. Is it nececessary any calibration previously to the flight like some other drones (moving both sticks down) ? I bought a same-model drone and it flights very unstable even pressing the trimming button.

  3. I Really Like My JJRC H11D…Have Had 2 Do Some Mods…Antenna & Velcro 4 Camera…But Overall I Think 4 the $ It Is A Cool Little Quad…Please When You Have Time Check Out My Reviews Of It On My Channel…Thanks Man…See Yah

  4. Hi Dustin, i just got mine today, the range is pretty poor even thought they said on the description that they made some modification on this version, it's not more than 30 meters of distance with full charge and open space, any solution i may do? i'm bigginer with those stuff so not pro modification ! thx

  5. Hi Dustin! I need some help here.
    I bought the H!!D Quadcopter just last month. But when I try to fly it indoor, it is not as stable as yours.
    Am I doing something wrong? I even tried using the trimming buttons to make it stable.
    Also the height is not stable. I mean if I move the throttle to like 30% then it raises off the ground. Now if I take it to 50% then it just raises to a height of 10 metres.
    Please help me to calibrate or configure this quadcopter!

  6. The FPV video is pretty good for not having a real FPV antenna on that screen, but the range is reduced, and it doesn't look like there is enough power to keep everything running at optimum for very long. Perhaps a larger capacity battery? (or one with a higher C rating). Thanks for the review.


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