JJPRO P200 drone review. $200 racing BEAST – AMAZING VALUE


READ ALL THIS DESCRIPTION. GIVEAWAY AND SALE – Video review of the JJPRO P200. Very awesome racing drone. Like the p175 quadcopter. This time in the review we have a detailed look at the quad…


  1. This video convinced me to buy the p200 and after half a year of dicking around with the stock rtf settings i finally figured out how to install betaflight and BLheli.. fully into this FPV thing now and I NEED HELP!!! replacing the stock drone receiver with FuriousFPV SPD15 and x9d+… so on the drone the receiver has 3 wires (yellow, orange, and brown? color blind here) and the s.port receiver has 4 wires (gnd, sport, sbus, +5v) WHAT DO I DO? PLEASE HELP I LOVE ALL YOUR VIDEOS EXCEPT FOR THE GDAY PART BUT I STILL LOVE THE CHANNEL!!!!

  2. I've got a question? I took the guards off the ends of the arms but when I put the screws back in for the motors the props didn't turn as smooth as normal. What should I do to correct this?

  3. Hey UAVfutures, I got this drone as you recommend, it was great for a couple minutes, I flew into the top of a tree and it hit all the branches on the way down, battery fell out but stayed plugged in, but there's no power to the drone now. Is there a good chance that the battery yanked the cable and damaged a solder or something? What is the best way to check? Sorry I don't know any drone people in my town lol

  4. I am a nob at this and I was trying to fix my falcon 180 and today when I connected it to my pc a message came up and told me to upgrade my firmware and idk how to do that I am using cleanflight and also saw I can use beta flight so how I do that

  5. hello , i just got one of these inspired bu you , and as planned there is a lot to learn , figuring out slowl everything , there is one thing that concern me , when i plug it to the computer calibrate magnetometer field is not working , is it normal ?

  6. Okay so my limit is $600 pretty new to drone racing not drones but I have never raced. Just want something that has fpv, fast and comes with everything. Anyone have any suggestions for under $700?

  7. Hey I'm a fan of ur good work. Man I have a question what do u recommend I should do. My p200 let's say has an axident i need 4 new motors with 4 new esc that's cost me around $ 90 plus the service buy them. Or just go and buy a new eachine wizard ready to go that cost me around $ 140 and comes with lots of props ect.

  8. I've got to admit being able to see the circuitry on the racing drones can be a little intimidating for beginners . Wish the RTFquads had the circuit covered but easy accessible. Great content in your videos.


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