Jimtab M70 Football Drone Flight Test Review


This beginner’s quadcopter is crash-proofed with a protective football shaped cage which entirely surrounds it. Bounce it off walls, ceilings, ground, whatever, …


  1. I bought one of these, and I'm having a really difficult time getting this thing to fly. Ideally, I'd want to slowly increase the throttle and have it hover, to some degree, and then control the direction of flight. However, it doesn't even get off the ground unless I have it full throttle. Instead, it will just roll all over the place and crash into stuff. If I do jack it up to full throttle, it will just zoom off high into the sky. This is the third drone that I've owned, and while I'm not that great at flying them, I've been able to get some flying in before crashing them. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if the drone is horribly unbalanced.

  2. besides reseting the accelerometer, is there anything else you can do to remedy a wobble on a toy grade quadcopter? just thought I'd ask an expert! 😉
    My new mini DM003 wobbles during flight..


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