Brushless Tiny whoop review. The Auora 90mm brushless micro fpv drone is a total blast. With ducted props, a 4in1 ESC, micro camera vtx and some awesome …


  1. You should name it Tyrion, small and fierce, like in G.O.T. I just did this build and look the look but I am having trouble. I think it's beta flight configuration. Any source or link to help would be appreciated. Thanks dude!

  2. just about to build one of these 🙂
    but a little stuck before i move forward – with the all in one esc which 2 motors are you reversing and are you doing it by swaping 2/3 of the wires soldered on for 2 of the motors diagonal of each other?

  3. Hey Love your channel, I have a buch of the micro drones I bought because you like them (8). Then I baought a Sema X8sc. Now I wanna get a micro brushles drone and a larger brushless drone, But I am on a budget. What woould you consider the best bang for the buck for brushless micro and larger Drone?

  4. I am hugely disappointed that you have made no effort to pointing out that this is a stolen design using annotations and the video description despite of you learning this after making this video. The original creator of this frame design, called AXC Halo, even reached out to you in this comments section and you didn't even reply to them properly there. You talk a lot about how exciting it is with the rapid progression this hobby see at the moment. How do you expect this to be sustainable if original designers are not getting their R&D costs recuperated due to large market players stealing their design. The fact is that you know this, you have stated it in your videos. Yet you fail to play your part as a responsible community contributor.

    Despite of your complete inability to inform your viewers luck had it that I discovered the original design before making my purchase so that I can buy from the original designers and thus contribute to the continued rapid development of this hobby you seem to love so much. I do hope you feel at least a little hypocritical.

  5. the dream indoor brushless whooper would be very similar to this. What's missing is, if it crashes and lands inverted, I must get off my couch and turn it over. Can you please figure out how we could reverse the motors to flip it upright or even fly inverted?

  6. Gday Stew,

    I have just finished building this quad, my first build. I have been able to bind the fs-a8s with my Turnigy Evolution..I believe :-). But cannot get it armed at least this is what I believe the current problem is. Was hoping to be able to get the motors to spin up as a test but I get nothin'. Any help or guide you can point me to would be greatly appreciated.



  7. Dear Stu, I have been inspired by both yourself and AndyRC's channel and finally gathered all the parts to try a hand at my first build. Im using alot of these parts, TX03 and a seperate camera, Cicada 4in1 10a esc and using the Turnigy Evolution and Eachine Goggles2. But I need advice as a first time builder, how do you suggest I fly without a osd as far as making sure I dont over discharge my batterys while flying? Thanks for any advice you can offer in advance! 😀

  8. Ok, since it's clearly your fault I'm totally obsessed with micro fpv drones, it's only fair for you to help me out. I modded a cheap Eachine H8 Mini to carry a camera to get me started, been having bag loads of fun with that. Now I want to progress to the next step of this addiction and build a brushless quad in the 80mm-100mm range that can take 50mm props and 2s battery. Based on your experience and what you're seen around, what would you recommend I go for? IE.What would you would get for your next build / upgrade of your existing one?
    Warning, your words may be takes as gospel. 🙂

    Great work keep the vids coming.

  9. Did you manage to get DSHOT working on this thing? I have the racestar esc's and the pico blx (Micro F3 FC) and when I enable DSHOT my motor 1 doesn't work.I've remapped motor 1 to a couple different pads but it doesn't seem to matter.

  10. any have an issue with the aurora camera being to dark to fly. I just got it and tried it on pretty cloudless day and I can barely see anything unless i'm looking the right way… My goggles brightness is at max and still can hardly see anything unless I look the right way from the sun.

  11. Stew, i would love to build a brushless micro. I am wondering how you connected the power up. The fc you used takes direct lipo voltage, but the batter connector is on the 4in1 esc. Did you give a wire from those connections on the esc to the fc?

  12. Hi Stu, I've been a fan of your channel since I stumbled across your upload on the Eachine Wizard "Best quad of 2016" which inspired me to build up a Realacc 5" racer. I'm a complete noob to FPV so have a lot to learn, and you've delivered again with this review of the Aurora 90mm. It looks like a good around the yard trainer. With your Aurora build, why did you choose the 1103 size motors rather than the standard 1104 motors? Have you had trouble with your props coming off? Does the lower height of the 1103s cause any clearance issues? Most of the 1104s offer screw on props. I'm in Brisbane, Thanks in advance, Arran

  13. Love your show… but I am so new at this… I wanted to do my first built under your recomendation…however I have to say… the wiring of this I guess simple… but no data on how to wire the 4 in 1 ESC into the BLX… Any suggestions Stew?

  14. Hello – i copied this set up – directly wired the FC into the battery as using the cable from esc makes it reboot – im still getting power issues with the camera – where did u wire the camera up to


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