It's Here!! DJI Mavic Air Drone | Unboxing + First Flight Footage | Buying My First Drone!


Alright guys, I finally pulled the trigger on buying my first drone! I picked up a brand new DJI Mavic Air Drone! I’m beyond stoked to grab some flight footage and …


  1. Cancel the refresh and go to State Farm and get there insurance it’s 60 bucks for a year and it covers anything you lose it it drops in the water you don’t have to recover it. You just have to give them a general area on we’re it went down at. With refresh you have to send it back to them to get it replaced. It still might not get replaced then. I am on the other side of the state and my local guys from State Farm wouldn’t inure it but a guy over by you did it no problem. My buddy dropped his in his mucky pond ended up getting a diver out there to recover it so he could get it replaced with refresh.

  2. Someone whipping shittys on the ice that’s funny. I got a mavic pro love it. Just keep it above the trees and stuff you can hit. So you can get used to it.

  3. WOW really cool. The laws in Canada are sketchy at best as to drones. But "The Plow Guys" will be looking at new equipment to better the viewers experience. It is all about the viewer Brian… Thanks for the video buddy, talk later. -John


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