Is this the BEST DRONE YET? Diatone Crusader GT2 review. GT2 200 FPV


Diatone Crusader GT2 200 FPV Racing Drone review. Diantone GT2 is next level awesome. Find out why it is one of the best pre made drones available that I …


  1. I just wanted to share with everyone, that it seems the company was listening, I just purchased the Diatone Crusader GT2 F3 V3, the one thing they did away with is, they don't provide a 3v option on the board, but had to use the resister , they did add the USB to the board for both the VXT and main board. for the LEDS strips, they also added a plug-in port and just need to soldier the LEDS wire connections. Other than that, I love it, I'm just learning that I should be able to program my PIDS through my goggles, I'm hoping so, will be finding out tonight. Thanks again for the video.

  2. hi there great vids as always i wonder if u can help me i bought a gt 2 back in January still have not flown it till this just 1 thing after a other 21 mm side plates missing so could not get receiver mounted then fc f—ked i just started to think diatone products are shit bought a new diatone f3 fc version 3 to find i cant flash it wont go into dfu not matter what i do tried everything have u heard about this problem or what it could b thanks

  3. Hi Stew, I'm having problems with my crusader, I've been on many forums and watched tons of videos, reading comments, etc, looking for answers, but you're the only person who has the same set up as me. Im using the turnigy evolution with the tgy-iA6c receiver it comes with and is pre-bound to. I was planning on using sbus or ibus, I soldered the sbus connector the crusader comes with to the receiver and plugged it into the quad. The receiver shows the solid red light showing it is bound and the evolution shows the lipo battery percentage, so I know they are talking. I go into betaflight and this is where I'm lost. I assume you're using the same receiver, in the "ports" tab (Uart1) is on and I'm not messing with that, which serial rx do i turn on? I go into the "configuration" tab and make sure the receiver is on sbus. The main thing that is happening is when I go into the "receiver" tab but when I move my sticks nothing happens. I've tried every configuration of serial rx and channel maps etc…. I don't even know what questions to ask. Maybe you'll know what I'm doing wrong or missing. Thanks!

  4. I've noticed that some Quadcopters are coming out with lower profile designs (Quadcopters with shorter standoffs), it seems to me that the lower they are the faster the quadcopter, correct ? like the diatone GT200 and the Cameleon, could you do a video on that?

    also I have always been a fan of placing the battery underneath the quadcopter when starting out, and all my friends were saying no no no, but now look, i think it has proven a point. I think its just more stable when it flies. maybe you can do a video on that too vs batteries on top

  5. jyu is the best out there so far, because you can get the gimbal version and you can also get the extra camera so you can alternate jyu is the best check it out , and this is a racing drone also nothing compared to this drone sorry it's the best drone out there in the market today

  6. Hey Stu! The GT2 is out of stock basically everywhere except for AliExpress, which seems to have tons of them (which makes me suspicious). A lot of them seem sketchy in terms of if they're legit by looking at their pages alone. Would you trust the listings for the GT2s on Ali, or should I just wait till more stock comes in to not get a knock-off lemon?

  7. Stu, good day! love the channel and appreciate your time for the hobby, QQ
    I"m doing a frame up build, would you use the same motors and esc's?
    Thanks again for the awesome content!!


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