Is The Sony A6000 Worth It In 2018?


Here is my 2018 review of the Sony A6000, which i think is still one of the best budget friendly cameras for YouTube and film making to date. After the success of last years review, i decided…


  1. Stopped at Best buy to look at cameras and was recommended this camera for me, a beginner. Good review. I might get the A6300 though because I love getting the latest tech . But because the A6300 is already on a larger price range, is there better options in the range of the A6300? I plan on doing some outdoor activities with it

  2. The a6000 was ahead of it time in 2014, still a great camera and good value for product.
    IF your mainly a stills shooter with occasion video, I agree its good, the Sony accessory mike that fits on the Multi shoe works fairly well.
    Sony branded lenses are up there in price, but a little research, some adapters and looking on eBay,camera shows and pawn shops you would be surprised at what lenses will work on the a6000.
    One thing the a6000 (and a6300 and a6500) is good at is being under the radar, at those places that don't allow "professional equipment" with it you walk right in.

  3. If youโ€™re a college student, you can get a new A6000 body for $440 at BHPhoto. The body with kit lens is going for about $520. Used can yield slightly lower deals, but thatโ€™s pretty good for a brand new model.

  4. That's a video I was looking for, thanks a lot. I'm curious what should I get as a beginner in photography a5100, a6000 or an a6300. I'm also opening my youtube channel so I'm looking for a camera which can do both, videos and photos.
    Also, I believe you'll prefer a mirrorless camera over dslrs now

  5. eBay, then go to most recent posts, then make an offer for $400 on one with a kit lense. Worked for me after checking every day for about 2 weeks (free shipping)

  6. Thanks for the updated positive review. Just bought this camera for street/travel leaving my dslr for proper landscapes. Chose it for its size and price (ยฃ440 on Amazon). Good to hear you think it still stacks up.


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