Is it worth buying a racing drone to help get better at flying?


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  1. I think Pablo was off the mark. First, FPV doesn't necessarily mean "flying with goggles"; using a display is also an option in FPV flying. Learning LoS and building muscle memory helped me greatly with a "trainer" quad then I graduated to a FPV display with some additional adjustments. Finally affording and flying a DJI Phantom was quite easy with the skills I learned earlier …and if ever your aerial photo drone lost its video display, the pilot would (or may) resort to LoS flying. …so yes, learning FPV flying (via display) would be beneficial IMHO.

  2. I keep the quadcopter I learned to fly with, a Syma X5C-1 in good repair with charged batteries. My Phantom flying is smoother and control better if I whip out the X5 for a flight regularly.

  3. As someone that started flying RC planes & standard helis LoS in the 90s & early 2000s, and now doing commercial aerial photo/video work, it took me a solid 2 months to fly an FPV mini quad. It nearly broke my brain. I can fly the mini quads in full rate/acro mode (no auto level, no GPS) LoS much like I can a standard helicopter. When I fly my Wookong Octocopter or Inspire 2 camera drones with auto-level (atti & gps) it definitely helps with flying a camera. This all being said, I think all of my experience in each style of flying has made me a MUCH better pilot for doing aerial photo/video. I have alot more confidence in my control inputs and my ability to put the aircraft and therefore the camera in the right place at the right time. It's hard to say these styles of flying have nothing to do with one another. I think it depends on the person as well, but I truly feel that all my experiences have helped. It's like being multi-lingual – switching between LoS and FPV can be done and done really well. You have to do both alot to stay fluent.

  4. someone teach this guy about spacial awarness and muscle memory,,, im sure he has no clue what they are … miniquad pilots can easily fly one direction while the camera faces another … camera drone pilots couldnt dream of doing that without all this obsticle avoidance software and that is only becuase i know how to properly fly in acro rofl

  5. rofl this guy couldnt be more wrong!!! im positve bc i can fly a miniquad acro line of sight. sean taylor is only a fpv pilot . there are amazing line of sight pilots like QUADMOVR DO SOME RESEARCH!!!!. THIS OTHER GUY GETS IT!!! SMOOTH FLYING IS ALL MUSCLE MEMORY ! IT WILL ABSOLUTELY HELP ESPECIALLY WITH SPACIAL AWARNESS U DONT HAVE TO SEE WHAT UR FLYING AROUND LIKE SLOW CAMERA PILOTS U JUST CAN FEEL LIKE WHAT UR AROUJD WITHOUT SEEING IT SMARTGUYS

  6. Originally I had only flown my dji phantoms and mavic. However I purchased a inductrix pro and a 130 race quad and before fpv I used them only los. It 100% made me a better pilot. No question. Understanding small control gesture and learning acro mode made me far more aware of orientation and stability. So now the photography drones are super easy and I am far more fluid in movements.

  7. The more types of flying you do the more appreciation you have for other styles and skill sets that are involved. I first got into aviation with gliders, then static line parachuting before final getting into flying quadcopters. To compare flying to driving cars, a fixed wing or a FPV is like driving muscle car on a paved road/ track while flying a quad like the phantom in atti mode is more like drifting icing/snowing driving where you point the front wheels where you want to go and you are trying to balance the vehicle's momentum and traction as you arc around a turn side ways without spinning out or sliding off the road. I learned to fly quads LOS and it was a transition to have the video feed and make that transition back and forth while flying. I still tend to fly LOS to get into position then use the video feed to line up for the shot and to check my movements.


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