Is a Cheap VR Headset Any Good? – VR Box 2.0 Review


We get really real today while we check out a cheap VR alternative. Oculus who? Jk, buy an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive or anything else over this thing? Find it on …


  1. What I would do to see stuff from the world from VR, drones only cost like 15 – 100 dollars, I would just buy a drone, then I would buy a VR headset for 5 bux and then put my Iphone into the VR headset and watch the distance.

  2. Phone VR is nothing like the real VR. I got the PlayStation VR and it blows me away every time, phone VR is entertaining that's all. I got a VR for my phone for $15 but it doesn't compare to the Samsung Oculus.

  3. Much better with android IOS is so restrictive its a downfall and because apple wont budge on anything you wont see fully compatable vr for years by which time android will have moved on to better things in vr and ar which its already doing now with daydream and standalone sets which are all Android right now pushing better screen tech right up to 4k and apple has even fallen behind in that resorting to buying samsung screens for 100$ for every x screen costing it millions and samsung is loving it as its using to help continue its delevopment of folding screens.

  4. Don't want to be a jerk but I kinda feel like with a video with this many views effort should have been made to try the headset on an android device considering that's what most people have. Surely a friend has one or something…

  5. These are not nice because they have a small viewing angle, which makes things look small and has a lot of black space. Cheap, but 120 degrees are another thing. The feeling is amazing. The only good thing about these is that you can change the focus of each eye individually.

  6. Honestly, there are folks that can’t afford a big name VR headsets out there, and most everyone has a smartphone, so I think they need to
    Improve these before VR goes mainstream. What do like is that it has holes for charging and headphone cables. I wonder if there are better iOS controllers that let you operate the phone.

  7. The market is filled with bad mobile VR headsets. Make sure you do some searching online before you pull the trigger on a headset. If you want a headset for Google Cardboard apps, just get the Bobo VR Z4 without headphones. That one has been tested by the enthousiasts and comes out really great. The VR Box is already known for being crap.
    Better yet, get either a Google Daydream compatible phone and headset or a Samsung with GearVR. Just know that your GearVR library is bound to Galaxy S phones. If you dont want a Galaxy S phone after the one you got now, youll just lose the ability to play the apps you bought. Go for Daydream if you want future proof mobile VR because all it needs is an Android phone from ANY brand, so long as its Daydream ready (which more and more phones will be in the future)


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